It is very important to let you know that Lark Rhythms Entertainment respect the right of copyright owners because we operate within the industry where copyright is highly respected and recognized in greater measure and we are not here to violate such right as a well establishment.
Before approval can be given to any file to be uploaded into our web portal we ensure that such file passes through different test to make sure that we do not violate or infringe on any ones right but if you notice that any of our post infringe on your right please we advise you to contact us through the below medium and we will take it down immediately.
Please we would like to reiterate our statement that we are not charging you for posting your songs on our site or download and for any other services that we provides which are monetized we implored you that you should contact us first through our appropriate medium before you make payment. Please disregard any side call or message that may request you to pay without proper approval.
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