Welcome to Lark Rhythms Entertainment ltd a.k.a platform of fame, lark rhythms entertainment is a whole Nigerian own company that was incorporated in 2019 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It aims is to promote and distribute both audio and video music to the lovers of entertainment. The site is created to give lift to the entertainment industry by promoting mostly upcoming entertainers e.g artists, comedians as well as to increase already blow artists chances by making their songs available everywhere as we are connected to other notable entertainment sites.
Our major aim is to connect upcoming and already blow artist to their fans easily by promoting their songs on our platform and other means of promotions such as: Radio stations, TV Stations, Alaba Mix, Clubs etc.
Our service is absolutely free for artists that are willing to promote their work of art on our platform or for any one that want to download songs from our platform. This means we are not going to charge you for placing and downloading song on our site.
To use our platform all you need to do is to contact our service center by any of the means listed in the contact us page.
We are absolutely looking forward to do business with you and to see you soaring high in the entertainment industry and live your dreams to the fullness as we are most determined to work with you and increase your chances of becoming one of the famous ones in both home and Diasporas as our name indicate.
So, get ready to enjoy this free offer of ours by contacting us to put your song(s) on our platform and get to that world of fame that you desired on our platform of fame.
Please note that what we do is not limited to music promotion only but anything that can creat excitement in your life. Therefore check down for our other services.
However, we are ready to add rhythms to you greatly in the following areas at affordable prices:

  1. Connection to best Alaba mix promotion
  2. Special beat production
  3. Best TV and Radio stations airplay with interview
  4. CD jacket cover design and mass printing
  5. Event & Occasion DJ play time
  6. Professional Website design and maintenance
  7. Online Advertisement

Please note that we are not charging for putting your song or work of art on our site neither do we charge anybody that want to download music from our site. This means that everything we do concerning music matter is absolutely free and nothing else.
We are very excited to be here for you because this is who we are and what we do!!!

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